Convert ANY car or truck engine to an EMERGENCY power source

Power your appliances, your lights, your RV and more

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HOOK UP - Easy as 1, 2, 3

[No Assembly Required]
1) Attach Power Cables To Vehicle Battery
2) Start vehicle and Power on HPX
3) Four AC Outlets & USB Port Are Ready For Continuous Power
  • Works With Any Vehicle

    HPX works with regular gas, diesel, electric or
    hybrid vehicles

  • 3000 Starting Watts/1500 Running Watts

    LCD Display shows voltage/wattage and features Overload, Overheat & Short Circuit Protection.

    Includes 4 120V AC outlets & USB port

  • For Everyday Appliances & More

    It will keep your gas furnace or sump pump running like normal and will use extra power for fridges, freezers, a few lights or computers, & more

  • Compact & Portable

    Perfect size for fitting into the trunk or back seat of your



I had a chance to thoroughly test HPX and I love its convenience- it’s easier, and surprisingly efficient. It’s a great power source It’s not that expensive compared to a good gas inverter and it’s easier to use, cheap to run, much longer run time, much easier setup, no need for grounding, much less weight. Setting up my external generator often took me about 10 minutes. HPX takes about 15 seconds after installation of a quick connection.

I had the pleasure of testing HPX out for a few days, and as a elderly woman I’m always concerned with the power going out. I do not have the arm straight to pull the start cords on traditional generators let alone move one of those heavy units but with HPX only weighing 14 pounds and the fact it hooks up to my vehicle my lack of strength was not an issue to start this unit. 

A great device to have for emergencies. We also have a travel trailer so just in case we need to top off the batteries or run small a/c devices it’s a lot easier to use than dragging out the gas generator. 

HPX has very little competition, and is the best priced Power Source in the market, and most powerful of any available. 

I had to call in an Electrician to convert my gas furnace into a stand alone appliance (cost me $150) but when the power went out I was able to hook-up HPX to my furnace and run it safely from a 2009 VW Jetta for 10hr straight. 

I was able to test HPX out at a remote construction site where city power was not available. The 4 120V outlets enabled my team to power up all essential tools (table saws, drills, sanders) to get the job done.